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The New Standard of Carpet Cleaning in Tampa Bay With Old Style Dedication

We are a family owned carpet and tile cleaning business where quality and customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

We are Professionally Trained, Dependable and Affordable!

carpet-cleaning-services-guaranteeWhen my father started Bayside Carpet Cleaning in 1995, he set out to create a full-service company that can fulfill a variety of cleaning needs in the Tampa Bay area. As well, he operated from a higher standard of service hoping to help our community become healthier and happier.

Two decades later, we have continued this ideology and have survived solely off customer referrals.

Bayside Carpet Cleaners makes getting your home or business cleaned seem effortless because we clean at your convenience and hustle! Don’t consider this a huge errand. Seriously… the process is so easy and simple that your cleaning needs become a distant memory.

On top of the seamless service, we offer the best cleaning-solutions and highest quality cleaning services. As we said, we have thrived off customer referrals in Tampa Bay and guarantee a spectacular result from our cleaning services. Technicians from our company are highly trained. They don’t only clean but provide professional inspection services making sure you don’t miss any deep problems. We create on-the-job solutions to specific cleaning problems that general solutions just can’t solve. Transform your residence and restore the comfort, beauty, and aroma of a happy home. (Office buildings deserve to feel like home to!)

Dust, dirt, and other pollutants are dangerous! Bayside carpet cleaners will not only make your home beautiful, but safe from dust-borne pollutants like mites with our high-end cleaning solutions, equipment, and training. Restore your buildings hygiene and prevent dangerous allergens from hurting your health.

We work to maintain the value of your property.

We work to keep your home beautiful.

We work to make your home healthy.

Last thing, we are a full-service carpet cleaning company that can be at your home, within hours, at any time. Yes, even if you do not live in Tampa Bay. Sometimes you have an emergency or need some quick services to get the cleaning of your valuable carpet, upholstery, and tile finished. Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to call us.

We will love to serve you and give you the best service Tampa Bay and its surrounding regions has to offer.


Highly trained to understand the intricacies of cleaning and deep house inspection. We strictly hire the best people to fulfill our roster.


We respect your time. No waiting around for no reason, we serve you at your convenience. We are company that cares deeply about your experience.


No hidden fees. We’re a company helping people save time and money. This is how we have created the business that is thriving today!

Our Specialties

How we can serve you?


Clean your carpet from corner to corner, just like new!


Restore your beloved furniture to its former vibrancy!

Tile & Grout

Remove deep blemishes that are hard to get to!

Water Damage

Fast, quick, and reliable 24/7 water damage control, call us now!


Gentle and thorough cleaning, perfect for delicate carpets!

Grout Color

Transform your home and protect your grout from dirt and stains!

Pet Odor

Never smell pet odor ever again! No traces will be left!


Fully trained staff for all your high-rise cleaning needs!

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