David Regidor Bayside Carpet Cleaner

Certainly one of Tampa Bay’s fastest growing and appealing communities, Odessa has become one of our busiest areas that we serve. As a carpet and tile cleaning specialist, we have found that keeping communities like Odessa healthy and safe from pathogens and allergies that affect thousands of people everyday.

Our family business dedicates to those that need to maintain their clean from bacteria environments so that their families and workplaces are safe. We understand the different issues that affect so many from different environmental factors which can have adverse effects on many who may be exposed.

We thrive on servicing local areas like Odessa, Florida which has a number of families that require attention to healthy living and staying safe and clean. We recognize the importance of being available for our regular customers and those that may require service for specific needs when the times arise. Pets and children provide an inherent basis for a regular carpet and floor cleaning service which we find to be very common.