Family Owned. 20+ Years Experience.

We keep your homes and businesses

Great Carpet Cleaning Services in Seminole

Bayside Carpet Cleaners now serves you with carpet cleaning in Seminole, and many more services including upholstery, tile, grout cleaning, and more. We provide communities around the Tampa Bay area with clean, healthy, and happier homes. We are dedicated to helping you maintain your residences cleanliness while helping you save money with long-lasting solutions. We guarantee your satisfaction as our business has been built solely off customer referrals.

Do you need carpet cleaning in Seminole? We don’t only serve homes but businesses and high rises.  With over 20 years of carpet cleaning experience, we have developed and on boarded the best cleaning solutions for tile, grout, fine area rug cleaning, and more.

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Seminole, We Have Over 20+ Years Experience

Started in 1995 by my parents, Joe and Tania Regidor, we dedicate ourselves to serving our communities with great cleaning services. For the good people of Seminole, we offer quick cleaning services with the highest grade/safest cleaning products on the market. Welcome to our Bayside Carpet Cleaning family!

Highly Trained

Our technicians are personally trained to give you the best on-the-spot solutions suited to solving your specific cleaning needs. We only hire the best and friendliest.

24/7 Services

Some messes are emergencies and need a quick cleaning to save your residence from damage. Call now, we’ll be there in middle of the night if needed. Available, 24/7!


Long-lasting cleaning solutions that saves you money and keeps your place beautiful! Don’t throw away your furniture, carpet, or tile because it is old and dirty, clean it!

Professional & Trustworthy

We are expertly trained in all cleaning fields and have been in business since 1995. We are a highly-regarded company built off referrals.

Residential & Commercial

We serve both residential and commercial areas with specific equipment dedicated to the job at hand. Any place, any type.

Smooth &

Our quick services run smoothly and our technicians are a friendly bunch. With many senior people on-the-job, we have speed and experience

Why Are We the Best?

Bayside Carpet Cleaners was started to serve the community, and provide the cleanest, healthiest, and happiest homes. We help you save money, and make you feel like a million dollars doing it! Do you need carpet cleaning in Seminole?

  • Family owned and operated
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Fast and Affordable
  • Available 24/7



Long-lasting carpet solutions with odor, dirt, and dust removal.

Tile & Grout

Tile can remain radiant, polished, and good for years to come, let us help you do that!

Water Damage

This is an emergency. Call now before any further damage occurs in your residence.


Save your furniture and restore its colors, radiance, and keep it lasting for years to come.


Cleaning these rugs is a delicate process, and we are masters at it!

Pet Odor

We ill get rid of that horrid smell for good. No traces!

Grout Color

Change the feel of your home with any color you choose, and keep your grout clean!


We serve businesses and high rises with special equipment specifically made for this job.

Serving homes and businesses in Seminole, 24/7!

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