Carpet Cleaning

Restore and Rejuvenate Your Carpet

Bayside Carpet Cleaners provides a quick and reliable carpet cleaning service for those who need their carpets spiffy, clean, and looking like new! We treat carpet cleaning as a craft, and use the best steam extraction methods on the market. With our uniquely formulated cleaning solution, we use non-abrasive methods that extend the life of your carpet for both commercial and residential customers.

A Family Owned Business Built Off Customer Referrals

  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Maintain your home's value
  • Restore your carpets original color
  • Remove potential odors
  • Remove dust-borne allergens
  • Affordable solutions

Carpet Cleaning in Tampa Improves Your Health

Homes and businesses always need a deep carpet cleaning. They store dust which contains mites, bacteria, endotoxins, and other dust-borne pollutants. Our methods are specially formed to protect you from these potential hazards. Our methods are specially made to combat these endotoxins so that you can live in a home that is not only beautiful, but clean and healthy.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, “adults who live in residences with increased concentrations of endotoxins reported higher rates of wheezing and other asthma symptoms.”

Decades of Expertise

Our highly trained technicians are experts in the carpet cleaning field, and they understand that every job is different and provide on-the-job cleaning expertise. We offer a modern cleaning service that has been built on the foundation of customer satisfaction.

We have thrived as a business solely from customer referrals.


When this company was started, we didn’t want to just be another carpet cleaner in Tampa Bay. We wanted to provide a comprehensive service that helps our clients save money by extending the life of your carpet. Inherently, our services can help you extend the value of your home.

Carpet Cleaning is Important to Us

Bayside Carpet Cleaners is a family owned business born over 20 years ago for the sole reason of improving the health and happiness of our community and surrounding areas. That is why we do carpet cleaning in Tampa.

Because of this, we strictly use the cleanest cleaning chemicals of the carpet cleaning industry. Sustainability and your health is our 1st priority as a company. We created this company to operate from a  higher standard of excellence, so that every home we clean makes ALL our customers happy. We hope to bring you, your friends, and your community the highest quality of service, everyday. We have flourished by serving our customers till we believe the job is done, and done well.

We are here to get to know you and our community!

Were a group of personable people who would love to talk to you! Do you have any need for carpet cleaning services?

Wondering if there is a more affordable and long-lasting solution for your carpet issues?

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