High Rises

Effective and Efficient High-Rise Cleaning

Bayside Carpet Cleaners is known for our thorough and quick work, as well, for our friendliness and need to satisfy our customers. Many companies are great, but Bayside Carpet Cleaner brings our deep experience from cleaning high-end homes and business installations to our high-rise clientele. Don’t expect your high-rise to be cleaned, but thoroughly inspected, treated, and protected. We make your high-rise beautiful, fresh, and a healthier place!

Preserve the Value of Your High-rise

  • Create happy tenants
  • Save money, you won’t need another clean in a long while
  • Quick and effective
  • Inspected for deep cleaning needs
  • Affordable service, no hidden fees
  • We are thorough (and use top industry products)

Why You Need Trained Specialists

Although many companies do great jobs in homes or small office buildings, cleaning high-rises in Tampa can be tricky. Without the ability to connect to an external water source, many of the methods that companies use are unavailable to them.

Bayside Carpet Cleaning has special equipment for cleaning many different situations:

• Carpet Cleaning

• Pet Stain and Odor Removal

• Steam Cleaning

• Upholstery

• Water Removal

We are your family owned carpet cleaning business that has, since 1995, equipped itself with good people, the cleanest solutions, and high-end equipment. My father wanted to start more than a mere cleaning business, but an overall high-end solution for business owners and families.

We Treat Cleaning With Craftsmanship

We set out to improve the health and happiness of our community. We make your hallways, rooms, and lobbies beautiful again, but that’s not all… We also disinfect, remove dust, and much more to improve the hygiene levels of your building.

Our professionals are trained in a myriad of cleaning solutions to provide an all-in-on cleaning service for your whole building.

Imagine as if you went to college to learn the art of cleaning. Essentially, that is what we put our employees through, and the owners have been through themselves with decades of experience.

Tenants will rave about the new, rich colors of your building not being dulled by dirt and dust that you may not even notice.

Why Bayside Carpet Cleaners for Your HighRise?

We say this more than once, and for good reason. Decades of serving clients has helped us build our business on referrals, and now we are thriving. A job well done, your happiness, and a seamless experience for you is more important to us than anything else.

We are here to get to know you and our community!

Do you need your high-rise cleaned?

Do you need a team that is quick and thorough?

Do you need an affordable and top-of-the-line solution?

We are a group of friendly people ready to help you at a moments notice!

Maybe you are unhappy about your favorite team losing or just want to discuss why Florida Seafood is undeniably delicious.

Either way, we would love to answer any questions you might have!

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