Rug Cleaning

Oriental & Fine Area Rug Cleaning

Your fine rug is a delicate piece of work that needs the best treatment that is both gentle and effective. Bayside Carpet Cleaner will clean your fine rug throughly using our advanced cleaning machinery that is specially made to clean delicate rugs. Afterwards, our technicians will personally clean any problems spots making sure your rug looks new again, just like the first day you bought it!

Preserve the Value of Your Rug

  • Increase the lifespan of your carpet
  • Save money, you don’t have to buy a new one
  • We’ll pick it up!
  • Beautifully cleaned edges
  • Affordable service, no hidden fees
  • Deodorize pet odors

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Method

Every rug job is different and requires its own unique clean. Our technicians use advanced machinery that is specifically made to gently clean carpets. Here’s how we do it:

1. Our machines will gently shake out dust and other microscopic particles in your carpet.

2. Then we will run your carpet through a soft, gentle wash and apply the cleanest non-abrasive chemicals for a thorough, deep clean.

3. Afterwards, we will hang the carpet to dry and a technician will personally clean any problem spots that need extra care.

4. At the end, the technician will give the edges a thorough cleaning. Now your carpet is beautiful again!

But that isn’t all we do. We will personally pick up and drop off your carpet to your home. We serve you at your convenience. And we don’t charge extra for pickup, it is part of our service! Don’t make this errand any harder! Give us a call and let it be distant memory.

As part of our service, we guarantee your carpet extra protection from future discolorations, stains, and the accumulation of dirt and dust.

We Treat Fine Rug Cleaning Like An Art

Your rug is an important part of your home and we treat it with extreme care. Carpet cleaning isn’t just a service we provide, but a passion of ours. Every rug we clean looks new and untouched.

On top of looks, carpets hold dust! A single piece of dust could hold more than 500 dust mites and other dust-borne allergens. Our formula has been perfected to not only provide the best looking carpet, but the cleanest carpet you can get on the market.

A clean run can be the perfect element to a beautiful, new happy home. Or perhaps you wish to keep your beautiful home just the way it is… beautiful.

We are here to get to know you and our community!

Do you need an oriental or fine area rug cleaned?

Maybe you want a mom & pop shop who will treat your carpet like it was their own?

Maybe you want to talk about sports at 6am… that’s great! Give us a call!

We love to talk and will answer any questions you have!

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