Upholstery Cleaning

Beautiful Clean Furniture, Like It Was New!

Bayside Carpet Cleaners treats upholstery cleaning with a delicate but educated touch to restore your furniture’s beautiful colors and cleanliness. Improve the appearance, health, and comfort of your home. Bayside has been a family owned business in Tampa Bay since 1995 and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Bayside Was Built Off Customer Referrals

  • Extend the life of your furniture
  • Restore your furniture's beautiful color
  • Serve both residential and commercial clients
  • Remove potential odors
  • Remove dust-borne allergens
  • Affordable solutions

Upholstery Cleaning In Tampa

Every job is different and our highly trained technicians do a onsite analysis to find problem spots and create solutions for your upholstery’s specific needs. Our specially formulated cleaning agents will clean your furniture and deodorize it of any odors.

Save your money from buying new furniture and rejuvenate what you already have. Your furniture can still look beautiful with a deep, professional clean!

AND we will help protect your furniture from any future stains or discoloration keeping your furniture looking fresh.

Inherently, clean furniture will help make your residence more beautiful and comfortable. Impress guests and maintain a happy, stress-free environment.

Protect Yourself From Dust

Furniture can store dust which can contain bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and other pollutants. If someone in your residence has asthma or any other respiratory issues, keeping your residence free from these dust-borne pollutants can help them breathe easier.

According to Australia’s Department of Health, “ For people with respiratory conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD) or emphysema even small increases in dust concentration can make their symptoms worse.”

Our methods have been perfected over the years to combat dust and prevent these hazards from affecting your life.

We Treat Upholstery Cleaning With Craftsmanship

Bayside Carpet Cleaners has been in business for over 25 years improving the health and happiness of our community.

When our family owned business started, we asked ourselves, “why be a normal cleaning service?” We wanted to create the best modern cleaning service possible. So we decided to make cleaning an investment that saves you money, not a regular annoying fee.

So we adopted the most proficient and clean methods the industry has to offer. As well, built this business on the happiness of our customers, not the lining of our pockets. We look forwards to talking to you and seeing what we can do for your home, business, or high rise.

With all our services, we guarantee you will save money in the long-term by maintaining the quality of your furniture and other components of your home.

We are here to get to know you and our community!

Want to talk about getting someone to quickly clean your furniture?

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We don’t mind! Give us a call. We are here to serve our community!

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